The Slight edge is a book that I can keep going back to again and again. It is the book that I go to when I need a boost in motivation and the book I use to get my philosophy back on track. The reason I like it so much is that it is simple and easy to follow and the philosophy is applicable to everybody no matter what.

So what is the philosophy?

“Simple disciplines repeated over time will create success, while simple mistakes repeated over time will create failure”

Everything that you need to do to create success in your life is easy to do but it also easy not to do. That is the reason why only 1 out of 20 people are achieving a significant measure of their own success. People are always striving for the quantum leap answer in life:

  • Lose 2 stone in 3 months
  • Get ripped in 24 hours
  • Become a millionaire instantaneously

The trouble with all these answers are that they are not sustainable. You lose that 2 stone in 3 months, then you put it back two months afterwards. You become the millionaire by hitting the jackpot lottery but lose it all because you have blown all your money on liabilities. What ends up happening is you end up back at square one, demotivated and deflated. Failing is exhausting.

Instead of looking for that push button, instant gratification answer. How about you concentrate on those small little disciplines that seem to make no difference in the short term. Here is an example: You see two people, one person eating a salad with some healthy protein and another person eating a pizza, there does not appear to be any difference between them, not today. Let’s say that person keeps eating a pizza every day for the rest of his life and the other person keeps eating salad with some healthy protein, in ten years time would you see a difference? Yes of course, the pizza eater would be obese and his arteries would likely be so clogged with fat that he would heart problems. The salad eater would be fitter, leaner with no heart problems. Does this surprise anyone? Not particularly. The difficulty is that it takes TIME for these results to show through.

When we were an agrarian society we knew that there was a way to how things worked. We plant the seeds, we cultivate them and then we harvest.

However now in the digital age, we are used to things being instantaneous. We plant the seed by signing up the gym and then get frustrated a week later when there is no fitness harvest. The step we keep on missing out is the cultivating stage. We are too used to things being quick. By having a slight edge philosophy, we will bare in mind that success is a steady process which takes time and not quit when our efforts seem to be having no effect at all.

What time scale does it take to turn my life around using the slight edge?

It usually takes 3 to 5 years for your slight edge disciplines to start having an effect. It sounds like a long time however think about what you were doing 3 years ago and I can guarantee you that it feels like yesterday. 3 years is only a fraction of your life in the grand scheme of things, only 5% of your life and once this is done you will start getting a significant measure of your success.

What are the applications of the slight edge?

Anything. I have mentioned a few above, like eating healthy and exercising. Here are some other slight edge habits that you can do:

  • Personal Development – Read 10 pages of a life changing book each day examples include 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey and think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill
  • Beating stress – Medidate for 10 minutes a day using a guided app like breathe or headspace
  • Body – Exercise for 10 minutes a day using insanity, P90X, sworkit or even just running
  • Business – Spend 30 minutes each day systematizing your business. Working on your business instead of in it
  • Healthy eating – Eat 5 fruit and vegtables every day

The list goes on and on and on

Free Resource – The Slight Edge Audiobook

I would thoroughly recommend that you go and read this resource for yourself. There is a link below to youtube where you can listen to the audiobook for free. Listen to it in the car on the way to work, when you are working out in the gym or even relaxing in bed. It will change your life.


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