Mr. Money Banks is the chosen pseudonym of the person behind MultiMillionaireRoad.Com, a website that guides visitors on saving, investing and becoming rich. Asked why he chose to hide his identity behind a pseudonym, Mr. Money Banks replied it makes him more honest to his readers.

Mr. Money Banks started his website while studying economics at the university. Today, he is a qualified accountant working in corporate finance building cash flow models for transactions.

In today’s episode, I invited Mr. Money Banks to the show to talk about his journey to financial freedom and the tools and strategies he uses to get there.

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Show Highlights

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Money Banks’ work in corporate finance
  • How close Mr. Money Banks is to being financially free
  • Money Banks’ investment strategy towards financial freedom
  • Money Banks’ own personal definition of financial freedom
  • Why Mr. Money Banks think investing in property and building a share portfolio are powerful strategies towards financial freedom
  • Money Banks’ saving strategy
  • Why its important to automate your monthly savings process
  • How location can influence your idea of a “high net worth”
  • Money Banks’ anecdote about Robert Kiyosaki
  • Monet Banks’ habit that contritbutes to his success

Quotes and Takeaways

  • Pay yourself first by prioritizing savings.
  • Put 15% of your net income (minus tax and pension fund) away to savings. You increase that amount and add 5% more to accelerate the growth of your savings.
  • Contact your bank and automate your savings process. Do not touch that money unless you are investing it. If your income increases, put more income into the savings

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