Gavin Marshall is a 38 year old who works full-time while investing in property. Within only two years and a half Gavin has built himself a property empire worth an excess of 1 million pounds.

In this episode of Clever Cash Flow, I picked Gavin’s brain to find out his personal philosophy on investing, saving money, and living life in general. The result is another colorful conversation about the value of thrift and simple living.

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Show Highlights

Tune in to my conversation with Gavin Marshall to learn:

  • How Gavin balances his life, fulltime job, and investment activities
  • Why creating a “welcome pact” to tenants that contains some DIY instructions for resolving potential problems concerning the property they are about to use minimizes time spent in tackling the issues yourself
  • Why Gavin advocates saving cash for anyone wanting to start investing
  • Gavin’s reasons of choosing property over other investment opportunities
  • Why Gavin believes that 10,000 pounds is the minimum amount of cash enough to have on hand for emergencies
  • Why Vanguard life strategy is great
  • Why Gavin considers himself a traditional old-fashioned investor
  • Why self-managing your properties lessens the risks in your investment
  • Why creating good relationships with tenants is a good investment strategy
  • Gavin’s monthly saving strategy
  • What Gavin considers a high net worth
  • Why the best investors don’t live a luxurious life

Quotes and Takeaways

  • “Rich people are defined not by what they earn but by what they spend.”
  • “Live today like most people won’t so you can live tomorrow like most people can’t.”
  • Try and keep expenses to an absolute minimum
  • Keep your investments as your top priority
  • Pay yourself first every time
  • “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.”
  • Defer gratification. Live below your means

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