Adam Pilpica is the founder of MagicalPenny.Com, and award-winning website which teaches and inspires people to grow their pennies into many, many pounds. Adam is also a diploma-qualified Paraplanner, helping people create financial plans.

In the first episode of the Clever Cash Flow Podcast, I interviewed Adam to talk about how he started investing and the lessons he has learned since.

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Show Highlights

Tune in to this episode and learn as Adam and I discuss:

  • How stumbling on American personal finance podcasts got Adam started on investing
  • How the financial crisis made investing in the stock market mainstream
  • How curious friends interested in investing in the stock market led Adam to set up a website to answer their questions about getting started
  • Why getting a clear idea about your financial situation, and not investing right away, is the first step for complete beginners dreaming about entering the stock market
  • What Nutmeg is and why Adam thinks beginners who want to be acquainted with the market should start in this website
  • How close Adam is to becoming financially free and his strategy to get there
  • Why Adam decided to finally become a Paraplanner
  • Adam’s core strategy when investing

Quotes and Takeaways

  • “I’m never gonna be ready. As with many things in life, you’re never really ready. You have to just take a step into the unknown and make a start.”
  • “I was saving so much money for future me, I kinda forgot about current me.”
  • “You make your habits and your habits make you.”
  • “Money isn’t everything but it can help facilitate you live the life that you want and it allows you to contribute to the world.”

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